Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ahh life!

its been forever since i've blogged.. hmm life is good. ? i think. lots of things on my mind i guess
what do i really want? what really makes me happy? where do i wanna be right now? so on and so forth.. lots and lots of thinking ;

+ 20 more pages and im done reading something borrowed
- "you want the world but you just can't have it"
+ coraline in 3d with my 'boyfriend'
+ " youre definitely one of my favorite people to be around right now"
+ finally im not going to be blind anymore
- i actually missed out on my 'busy monday' routine
+ t.i. tonight
+ march 10 - the dream's new cd
+ quick nap.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

heart day

honestly today is one of my most favorite holidays. and as i think back i dont think i've ever had a really incredible valentines day but it's still up there with being one of my favs. hella weird huh? oh well . it's allll goood happy heart day!

+ i woke up happy
+ i got flowers
- weird, dilemma(i think i spelled that right but it looks wrong?) on my mind; uhm what to do... i'm a dummie. i'll figure it out in a few weeks.
+ i love being drunkie fuuuuuuuuun!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


im almost done reading my book.. yes i'm such a nerd but i'm excited to finish.. anyways, i woke up this morning extremely happy! as of right now life is good. right now....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

chop chop!

yeah well i said bye bye to my long hair.. ended up donating about 14 inches!! weee!! i haven't had my hair this short since i was in like 5th grade or something like that. but i was a big girl no tears. i made it out of there in one piece. i think i'll really like it in a few days i guess it's just taking a little getting used to you know? heh ! this is only the beginning to a new me!

locks of love

so i decided that im going to donate my hair to locks of love. mom says it will get me points to get into heaven and you know i need all the points i can get hah! the minimum is 10 inches but i figure if im going to cut it i might as well cut it. i love my hair it so long but i remember last march i cut it sholder length and sice then it's grown alot it's already over 13 inches from my shoulders.. and every few weeeks i cut about 2 inches of anyways and no one notices.. so whatever. if i end up hating it then oh well it's just hair right ?? i just have to keep thinking it's for a good cause and it is.. so what the heck. i might as well just go for it! yeeeeeeahh get me into heaven!

Monday, February 2, 2009

just me

- i miss your face !
- "pen pals"
+ busy mondays: gossip girl, secret life, the city, big love, the l word, daddy's girls
+ less drinking
- confusion
- vulnerable
+ phone is no longer my life line
+ i love babies
+ smile awhile
- we ran out of bread!
- my closet broke
+ tether ball
- looooser face = sad panda
- im hungry