Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hola, i'm back!

it's seriously been ages since i've got on this thing and i'll blame it on not having internet until just now ;) but lots have gone on since the last blog.

+ i'm living in beacon with my boyfriend and our new dog ( i should actually say his new dog) hah!
+ working in west seattle
+ starting school AGAIN on tuesday.

so life is good. minus the stressful 10 hour work days and trying to potty train an 11 week old puppy.

this morning i try to start working out again.. did a few weighted squats along with a few kg swings and i tried to do some knees to elbows .. ahhhh, everyone knows how much i love to work out. hehehe but i really do need to start.

i'm trying to save money by not buying lunch it's been a week and i'm doing good lets see how long i can keep it up.

also i'm trying to find a crochet class somewhere that works with my schedule and its hard. dammmit!

i swear i'm like an old lady. wake up at 8am everyday to bed my 1030, maybe 11 if i fight to stay up, reading books when i have free time and if i can find a class then crochet too.

this post is all over the place huh?? oh well .

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