Monday, November 17, 2008

My life currently

So I've been doing alot of thinking. Sometimes i find my life a little over whelming, but I can't help myself i love good company.

current thoughts:

+ fucking bed
+ successful sunday night dinners with good friends= my seattle family
+ wednesday nights at fusion
- way too much crown
+ fucking baby
+flowers just to see me smile
+ i love monkeys
+ i love shoes: i'm addicted i have a problem
+ dexter, californication, the hills, gossip girl
- i need a new freaking computer
+ my daddy actually misses me :)
+ i love my friends
+ line em' up
+ sammmee baby tell em'
- i miss my little skomo
- i'm not a party girl
+ i'm festive

if you know really know me. then you know exactly what all these points mean.
ahhhh.. my life--- gotta love it!

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