Thursday, November 27, 2008

this year i'm thankful for :

+ my amazingly loving family that is always always there for me
  • momma my best friend
  • daddy puts up with me
  • ej makes me smile
+ my friends-- they keep me going
  • my seattle family
+ little skomo
+ having a job
+ living in a house with two of the best people in the world
+ always having somewhere to go back to -- daddy's house
+ my cell phone aka my life line.

the list of things that i am thankful for in 2008 is endless. this past year i've learned so much about myself and the people choose to surround me. i've meet so many great people this past year and each and everyone of them have made some sort of impact on my life. and they've all played a part in helping me shape myself into the person i am today.. so i am most thanful for all the wonderful people who have crossed my path this year.

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