Wednesday, December 10, 2008

some people's children

so it bugs the hell outta me when dudes say that there are no good girls out there. seriously there are HELLA good girls out there. just because you're not the dude she wants at the moment doesn't mean that shes not a good girl. that just means you're not the dude for her. most girls really do know what they want. and know when they're missing out on something good.

i've been in that situation. yes i've met a guy or two that has been really good to me; treated me like a million bucks. but you know what?? he wasn't exactly what i wanted at the moment. he wasn't someone that i wanted to be with, commit to, and after awhile i didn't even want to date him. why settle when you know that there's something better out there? or even when there's something better right in front of you. when i find mr. right or even mr. right now it'll set me straight.

i know a lot of you thought that LP was the dude for me. but no. yes he treated me right, he took care of me and anything that i could ask for he gave me. but in all honesty he didn't make me as happy as i know someone else could. (i know i should refrain from even talking about this bull but i'm a little ticked and under the influence hah -- what else is new?) realistically someone else was making me happier. someone else was constantly putting a smile on my face.

i don't give a fuck about how much money you make- i make my own money. what you can buy me? i buy my own shit, or what you have to offer? seriously i just want a dude who's company i enjoy more than anything, someone who is my own little getaway, someone i can talk to for hours about nothing at all, just be comfortable with, someone who can make me laugh non-stop, fix everything with just a few words.. i know most people are like bullll.. but seriously that's all i look for in a dude. i like to be on that independent woman status so i take care of myself. but of course at the same time i have to like you. duh! but i don't ask for much

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