Sunday, December 14, 2008


yayee for snow this blog is totally random. hah i'm bored waiting for my "boyfriend"--- andrew to hurry the fuck up and get ready so we can go shopping! yes. finish up. i think i should have been done last night but i keep getting side tracked and shopping for myself. sammy shopping i like to call it bad bad bad!!!

random thoughts:
+ im so happy
+ good weekend; good company
+ four christmases
- i bought myself almost everything on my christmas list
- mama leaves and i only got to see her once while she was here
+ hello bay area -- january come soon!
- working 8 days straight
+ i love my roommates
+ baby dewey : im focused
- tooo much beer & too much drinking
- i miss my little eSKOMO.
+ yayee snow!! its so pretty

one of my favorite christmas songs.

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