Sunday, January 10, 2010


i'm thinking that today is life a new leaf. last night i wrote out a bunch of goals i would like to fulfill asap and a to do list for today lets see how far i get.

in so many ways i feel like i wasted yesterday. heh i didn't go anywhere i was SO STUCK on my keyboard actually i'm thinking i was a super upgrade i say super because the keyboard i have is probably 3 to 4 times cheaper then the one i want. and i'm not pro or anything but i really do like playing it makes me feel relaxed and so lame but it's like im in my own little world. hah i guess when i'm the only one here it's always like my own world.

then i stayed up until i wwas practicly falling sleep trying to really figure out this vegan stuff. its hard to eliminate everything out of your life that involves hurting animals. it's very sad to say. but on one of the forums that i was looking at someone said you can't just cut everything out. you can only try your best. i'm with him on that shooot i would have to get rid of my couch. hah F-that!~ i love my couch geez i worked hard to get it. ;)

there was so much debate over the peta website. they have this list of SO many things that are vegan friendly foods and i was amazed then they were saying peta doesn't do enough research and 1/2 the things on the list were NOT vegan friendly. ahhhh i didn't think it would be THAT difficult. i guess if i product contains 1-2% animal peta considers it vegan friendly. i agree with dude and how he says trying to do your best to cut animal products out of your diet and life is all you can do!

so here goes nothing, its time for me to get on with today's list.

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