Monday, January 4, 2010

why i looked this up ? i don't know!

Ignoring wind resistance, all objects fall at the same speed while under the influence of the same gravitational forces. For example, an object on the moon falls slower than on the earth. But while on the earth, two objects of the same wind resistance will always fall at the same speed. (Example: If you drop a bowling ball that has no holes and a marble from the top of The Empire State Building at precisely the same time, they will hit the ground at precisely the same time.)

All objects fall at the same speed.

No - aeordynamic objects will fall faster than objects that don't allow air to pass by them easily. Try this with a sheet of paper and a marble. Bottom line - All objects do NOT fall at the same speed

Yes- All objects fall at the same speed: The speed of gravity on earth which is 9.81 m/s^2. The issue here is air resistance. Yes a marble will fall faster than a piece of paper when air resistance is taken into consideration. But if you were to drop both these items at the same time while in a vacuum, then the objects would fall at the same rate. Also, as a note, "speed" is an incorrect word use here. "Velocity" would be more accurate because velocity includes direction as well as a speed, the direction in this case being "down" or "towards the center of the earth".

Above is true but to be practical the stuff we drop is not in a vacuum and therefore falls at different velocities

-Different velocities yes, but at the same acceleration. Just to remove confusion on the issue.

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