Friday, July 16, 2010

Its been awhile...

.. we finally have internet at the new place. Everything is slowly coming together and all in good time. I'm so happy. The baby shower is in a few weeks, and it seems like that's our biggest worry. kinda. haha

  • We have this freaking rat in our yard: I'm scared to death! I feel like nothing is safe
  • We don't have cable yet:If you know me you know how much my tv means to me. Its $200 to get our cable transferred over here and there are just other things that we need to spend that money on right now. it blows!
  • Still no carpet in the living room: We have remodeled this whole basement ourselves and I'm pretty proud of us. Everything looks so different we should have taken before and after pictures heh but everything looks great; livable. I hopefully by the end of next week there is a new carpet in our living room.
  • We have no oven. Melvin's been on a grilling spree since we've moved here so we've postponed getting a stove. I know we're starting to get to the point where we need one but it's not someone we are dying without.
This whole house remodel and move had taught me to live a little different. I'm still the freak that I always have been about cleanliness and standards of living but being a little more frugal and learning to live with what I have making things last longer. I don't know hah kinda confusing but the past few months have been tight; remeodeling is expensive!! and also renting an apartment at the same time. believe me i'm counting the days that we are actually done remodeling and we are just living!
  • Every time I think about giving birth I get scared. There are so many people who think that we area wasting money by paying to go to birthing class but the real reason I wanted to take them is because I am terrified to give birth! I saw the miracle of Little Mia and I'm so scared. haah If you know me you know my pain tolerence of lack of.. Everyone tells me I'm going to be fine and yes I'm sure I will be but anything to ease my mind a little I'm going to take.
  • I have the best guy in the world:

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