Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh wednesday

It's not even 12 noon and I'm already exhausted. boo! i just can't wait until this house as all done. I can't wait until it's Thursday. A day off; kinda. heh. hopefully tomorrow we get flooring for the living room and maybe something we can start on for curtains. I know as soon as all of that is done this will start feeling more homey. Then we can finally start fixing up the baby room. YAY!

hmm moving on I think last night's birthing class was the best one that we've been to. Melvin hates the excersise portion of the class because he thinks its boring but last night I like he enjoyed it the most. He's the class clown. What a dork! I guess that's why I love him. He's the best. I feel bad sometimes cause I'm such a spaz and hard to deal with but he puts up with it 100%. <3

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