Wednesday, September 22, 2010

another day.

The boys are fast asleep. heh All three of them. I like it when it's quiet. I should be napping just like them but I don't always get a free minute. I just found out that I have to go back to work the week of November 21st. Damn. Makes me sad to think about it. I don't want to work anymore. I have to talk to my new manager about going back part-time. I know I should go back full time to get paid more and help to get us that much closer to buying a new house, but I don't wanna leave the little guy. Plus he'll be right around 3 months at that time and that's when he starts to get fun. Crawling and trying to make real noise trying to talk. Hopefully they can work me in part-time and Melvin and I can fix our schedules to work perfectly so that one of us is with him everyday and we won't have to do the babysitter thing.

Some dude's coming over today to replace my windshield I better catch some ZzzzZzzz before he gets here. <3

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